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Didn't work....

Design boards are awesome

Building an outdoor kitchen. Great app to help me organize my ideas.


Bad/confusing ui, slow app, loads photos slowly, I feel forever staring at progress indicators

Pictures app?

Seems I could get same images types just searching new kitchen pictures - seems worthless app

Totally Awesome

Design Boards might be the coolest thing I've seen on an iPad before. A must have if you are remodeling.

Easy to use

I'm glad I found this app. Lots of great ideas for my living room redesign and easy to use. Looking forward to sharing my ideas with my husband and a contractor.

Just the app I've been looking for!

Love the huge selection of photos and the ability to create a custom design board. Now that I can collect and visualize my ideas the project (redo my daughter's room) may finally happen!

Thanks for the updates

I like being able to draw on boards now - this is helpful and fun.

Really Fun App for Interior Design

This is a very helpful and fun for working on my remodeling project. Great photos!


I love the feature where i can zoom in on a product in the photo and add it to my design board. There are so many photos i see that have one thing i like about them but can't zoom in and crop the photo to eliminate the rest of the photo that i don't care about. Great feature! Very fun app. I'm addicted.

Great photos!

Came across this app when looking for ideas for decorating our new house. Love the photos and the collages to organize them. Thought it was a great touch that you can find out more information about the contractors who designed the spaces in the photos as well.

Love boards

Browsing photos and building board has been a great way to share my design ideas with my wife.

Remodel helper

Love all the photos and the ability to save them for later and mash me up on design boards. Need to show this to a couple friends doing remodeling projects! So much easier than going to a bunch of showrooms to try and find what I would want.

Great App

Exactly what I needed for my bathroom remodel. Great photos great ideas!

Love this app!

Planning my bathroom remodel using DesignMine has never been more fun!

Beautiful app

Elegant design and powerful functionality to help me imagine my dream home. Incredible app!!!


We are redoing a sunroom. Great ideas, great app. Dave - Boulder

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